About Us

Hello Beautiful! I am Kathryn Bermudez! I am a 23 year old entrepreneur located in New Jersey. I created my brand, Unapologetic You to share body positivity and confidence through clothes! Wear what defines you, and be unapologetically you! Be sure to tag us and share us on instagram and tiktok @shopunapologeticyou and use #unapologeticyou! 


“Being unapologetically you, was a saying I’ve always told myself as I looked in the mirror. It is a statement that reminds you to express who you are and being confident no matter what! My brand goes beyond clothes but it’s a movement to spread self love and body positivity! Thank you all for the support and for being your unapologetic self!”

-Kathryn Bermudez, Owner


Contact Us!

shopunapologeticyou@gmail.com for any questions or concerns!